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Stanley Foods (Pvt) Limited is a subsidiary of Stanley Pharmaceuticals (Pvt) Limited, which is one of the most reputed enterprises in Pakistan with more than 20 years of business operation in the area of Pharmaceutical. The company has a leading market share in its categories.

Management’s vision to diversify their business five years back and decided to introduce new business area to group. Stanley Foods started its infrastructure development and it took 3 years to complete it as per required planogram.

Stanley Foods, in association with one of the most experienced families in the field of spices “SULTANIA” are proud to present its premium recipe mix, “SwaaD. A Perfect blend of modern infrastructure and conventional methods, “SwaaD” offers a taste as authentic as it can be.

Consumer’s panel feedback on developed recipes from selected main cities of Pakistan like Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Peshawar and Muzafarabad (A.J.K) were taken and then on the basis of that, formulations were readjusted as per the regional authentic taste. Marketing team put their diehard efforts to complete the brand design, the desired packaging along with final formulations as per taste of the consumers.


Stanley’s quality policy is based on a simple principal


A Self-administered Quality assurance facility guarantees only the use of best and the most hygienic ingredients to prepare “Swaad”. Stanley Foods started its business operation in October, 2012 in 35 major cities in Central and Northern areas of Pakistan with the successful launch of Recipe Mix Masala under the brand name of “SWAAD”.

We believe that our recent commitment to introduce the new recipe mixes as per the requirement of different regions and commitment to deliver best to our consumers will take us to our goal to be one of the major players in the recipe mix Masala in Pakistan and after few years will be having notable share at international level.

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All our business activities/transactions are transparent and have an open disclosure policy.


We have an experienced team in all functions / departments and DHs are not less than 20 years of experience in their respective field. They are passionate, intelligent and have a firm business approach to grow. To facilitate them and their supporting team’s performance a conducive working environment, proper training to groom and give challenging opportunities to prove their talent/capabilities. Every significant achievement is publically recognized.


We encouraged and valued innovation/opportunity for improvement in all areas of operation despite in Research & Development and most of the time awarded / rewarded.



Our mission is to take care of health of human beings by providing them best quality tasty Recipe Masala mixes which give them their authentic regional taste and also put the new learning in grinding, packaging, and delivering them hazard free spice masala to use in their day to day cooking.


“To be the 1st Business organization with global reach based at western Pakistan. Passionately developing the new recipe mix spices along with other food products to become a leading food’s company and keeping in mind the benefits for all stakeholders”.

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